About Us – Specialist private speech therapists

My name is Jo Frost I set up The Speech Therapy Practice after many years working as a speech therapists in the NHS and independently. In 2016 we opened SISU Therapy Centre. A clinic in Kings Heath where we can provide therapy, please see: sisutherapy.com


Who We Treat?

Speech and Voice Therapy for Adults

My clinical expertise is with adults who have communication and/or swallowing disorders following a stroke, brain injury or as a consequence of a progressive neurological disorder ( like Parkinson’s disease or MND). I work with people in their own homes or nursing and residential homes if that is where they are currently living. I also have a clinic in Kings Heath Birmingham. I travel across Birmingham, West Midlands and the wider Midlands to see clients.

I work with people in the early weeks following the onset of their communication and swallowing difficulties, but I also work with people many years after their problems start. My approach is to take the clients needs and personal situation and try to make therapy realistic for everyday life. This functional approach to rehabilitation is backed up by research evidence.

We also provide a voice clinic and therapy for people who are undergoing gender reassignment.

Speech Therapy for Children


Private speech and language therapy services for children are increasingly required by parents across Birmingham. People want the opportunity to choose whether they wait for statutory provision or see a specialist more quickly. We can provide a service to meet your needs. I have a number of specialist paediatric therapists working alongside me who are able to provide one off assessment and advice appointments or ongoing speech and language therapy treatment. Sometimes this enables parents to put their mind at rest that their child’s language and communication skills are developing normally. It may mean that families are able to support their children’s language development in a more focussed way at home, or it may be that children come for a period of therapy to address specific needs.

Adults with a learning disability and children with complex medical needs

From time to time we are asked to provide specific services for people who have complex communication needs. I have a small number of highly specialist therapists who are able to provide these services. We can provide assessment and costing reports for case managers or bespoke training packages as required.

Second opinion speech therapy

If you have already seen a speech therapist and would like a second opinion please get in touch.  We can discuss your current needs and following an initial assessment to help form a second opinion.


  • Hi Jo,

    I just wanted you to know that Mark and myself are thrilled that you are working with Charlie on his Speech and Language.

    Your enthusiasm is fantastic and infectious and Charlie has even commented that he enjoys working with you - high praise indeed!

    I always feel so happy and positive at the end of your sessions as you are always so pleased with Charlie's progress.

    Thanks Jo for all your hard work and commitment in helping Charlie progress with his Speech.
    Your team have done amazing things for B and we are very grateful. Your staff are lovely and I wish you all the best for the future.