Frequency of child speech therapy sessions

The frequency and length of time your child will come to therapy will be led by you. People access our services for many different reasons and at different times throughout their child’s life.

Some people come to us for an assessment and advice and need no further input from us.

Some people access our therapy on a weekly or fortnightly basis whilst they are waiting for statuary services.

You may come for a couple of sessions and then be given targets to work on with your child and then come back after you have achieved these targets.

The most important thing to remember is that our relationship with you and your child is a partnership. We will work together to meet the needs of your child and the needs of your family. The frequency and length of your attendance at therapy will be based on therapy targets and goals to enable your child to meet their communication potential.

Client testimonial:

“I’d also like to say how fabulous your therapist is. She is clearly experienced but also has a wonderful way with my son.”