Private Speech Therapy Services, Birmingham

Speech therapy services for Adults

The Speech Therapy Practice provides a range of specialist speech and language therapy (SLT) services for adults.

Loss or impairment to communication can occur for many reasons and is distressing. Initially our therapists will carry out a full assessment both formal and informal to understand exactly what aspects of speech, language and communication have been affected and which are intact.

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Adults with learning disabilities

When adults with learning disabilities are making the transition from youth to adult services it can be a difficult time. Support from SLT can help to make the transition smoother by giving detailed reports of the individuals communication style and needs. Training and support for new services can be provided to ensure that the individual needs of the service user are being met.

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Speech therapy services for Children

Children develop their speech and language at different rates. You can check this fantastic website for developmental norms – the age you should be expecting your child to be making certain sounds in speech or using more complex language structures. It also contains a range of ideas and resources to support you and your child.

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