Speech and language therapy services for schools

Currently we do not have staff available to work with new schools. If you would like to discuss your needs then please contact us and we will help where we can!

One in ten children have Speech language or communication needs (SLCN) that need long-term support.


This includes children whose main difficulty is with the understanding of language or the ability to express themselves.

It also includes children who have communication difficulties as part of another condition such as autism, cerebral palsy or general learning difficulties.

That means that on average 2 to 3 students in every classroom may have significant communication difficulties.

How might they appear to you?

  • Problems with attention and listening
  • Difficulties understanding
  • Difficulties with vocabulary
  • Difficulties with speech sounds making words difficult to understand
  • Difficulties with expressing/explaining themselves
  • Difficulties with understanding inferences, idioms or jokes.
  • Difficulties forming and maintaining friendships
  • Difficulties with fine and gross motor movements making PE challenging
  • Poor progression through academic expectations for their age.
  • Difficulties with maths and or the vocabulary of maths.
  • Difficulties with reading and writing

Speech therapy support for children in schools

In some parts of the UK,  over half of children start school with speech, language and communication needs. They have immature language, which means their speech may be unclear, vocabulary is smaller, sentences are shorter and they are able to understand only simple instructions.  Some of these children may catch up with the rest of their class given the right support. Without support they struggle to access the learning environment fully.

As funding decreases within the NHS for Speech and Language Therapy, waiting lists and/or access to support also decreases whilst the demand for SLT support increases. Engaging an independent therapist may be an option for schools

Where we work.

We can provide bespoke speech and language therapy services to schools across Birmingham and the West Midlands. We can provide services for primary and secondary schools, special schools  and Independent schools.

How can we work with you?

We are a team of Independent Specialist Speech and Language Therapists who work with children. We are flexible, responsive, accessible and fun in our approach in making sure each child reaches their full potential with communication

We are able to work directly with schools to provide a bespoke service that meets the needs of the children in your school.

Schools can pay for as little or as much specialist input as they need. We will provide you with your own therapist who can develop a positive working relationship with your staff and students

The most effective way of helping a child to develop good communication skills is achieved by working together, sharing information and practical ideas. Seeing the child in their school environment enables us to:

  • Meet children who may not be able to attend appointments or access NHS support.
  • Meet with the Class Teacher to discuss strategies to support the child’s speech/language needs.
  • Working together will help the child to access the curriculum and make progress in school.
  • Work closely with the Teaching Assistants who carry out the therapy programmes.
  • Provide specific advice and training to staff working with children with complex and/ or severe speech/ language difficulties.
  • Offer preventative work at whole class levels.

Speech therapy for schools

How we work in schools

  • Baseline assessments to identify the needs of the child and to evaluate progress.
  • Observation of the child in the classroom, on the playground or in the dining hall.
  • Individuals and small groups of children may be withdrawn for specific work.
  • Informal training for Teaching Assistants on how to implement various therapy packages runs alongside any therapy.
  • In-class support for individuals, small groups of children or a whole class.
  • Verbal and/or written advice will be provided for each child, following assessment or therapy.
  • Formal training sessions on a range of speech and language issues.
  • Liaison with education and other professionals.
  • Contribution to EHCP as appropriate.
  • The Speech and Language Therapist can attend multi-agency planning meetings, annual reviews and IEP reviews along with the other services linked to education.



In one of our schools we have been running a social communication group for children to practice their communication skills through a variety of fun and creative activities, this also helps build their self esteem.

‘A real helpful thing, cos what if you’ve had a bad day, you wait for the group and then calm down’

‘A joy worth waiting for – sun in the darkness’



All our Speech and Language Therapists  are fully qualified Speech and Language Therapists with Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) registration and membership of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and are fully insured.

We provide our staff with regular support and training outside of the school day meaning your therapist is with you for 100% of the time you pay for.