Cervical Auscultation


Cervical Auscultation

Monday 19th September 2022   FULL POSTPONED UNTIL 31ST OCTOBER

Monday 5th December 2022 £148 FULL



This is a practical skills based course teaching the use of Cervical Auscultation as a screening tool for dysphagia.

Teaching will include the use of Cervical Auscultation for both adult and paediatric dysphagia.

The course will discuss the evidence and clinical implications of using Cervical Auscultation as a dysphagia-screening tool.

The course will aim to teach the use of Cervical Auscultation in a practical experiential manner. This will include numerous opportunities to hear recordings of normal and abnormal swallows using the latest recording technology. Case histories of patients will be used alongside Cervical Auscultation recordings to enable you to identify features, warning signs and symptoms

Delegates will also have an opportunity to practice using Cervical Auscultation, and work through various cases as groups.

This will enable delegates to evaluate the benefits of using Cervical Auscultation as well as providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to utilise this tool in their screening of dysphagia.

Delegates will have the opportunity to use high quality stethoscopes and hear the difference in quality between different models. There will also be the possibility to try out the electronic stethoscope and consider the future applications of cervical auscultation.