Paediatric / ALD course

Post Registration Dysphagia course for therapists with a Paediatric or ALD caseload

This Course will be held 20th – 23rd  March 2023 at Coventry University Conference Centre.


You will need to provide full payment on receipt of an invoice or provide an NHS Purchase order number.

Please complete the online application form.

This is course for speech and language therapists with over one years experience looking to develop their knowledge skills and competence in the field of dysphagia.

The course comprises of 4 taught days followed by an 11 month period of work based learning during which time you will need supervision from a suitably qualified therapist.

Successful completion of the course will depend on attendance at the course, completion of a self directed learning programme and successful completion of questionnaires by the delegate and their supervisors.

The course teaches delegates to assess and manage dysphagia in children over 12 months of age. It does not teach the assessment and management of dysphagia in neonates.

The course is a mixture of lectures, case presentation, demonstration and practical activities.

Venue:            Coventry University Conference Centre

Date:               20th – 23rd March 2023

Cost                 £700.

ALL DELEGATES FROM THE NHS MUST PROVIDE A PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER. This can be obtained from your finance department. No applications will be processed without this.

Delegate requirements: Qualified Speech & Language Therapist with at least one years experience.

Departments requirement: To provide ongoing supervision during the 11 month work based learning phase. To complete the supervisors questionnaire

Time scale:     Four taught days followed by an 11 month work based learning phase.

RCSLT Registration In 2015 RCSLT stopped their process of registering short courses. Please be assured that the content and governance for this course remain as stringent as when RCSLT monitored them. Anyone wishing to see copies of our external examiners reports would be very welcome. Please contact us.



80% of the delegates felt that their knowledge and skills had been developed a lot as a result of the course. 

“All very relevant to my service users.  I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with my team.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the week.  I feel empowered and enthusiastic as I head back to work.”

“Really enjoyed the four days.  Lots of info provided but will be working to further develop this.”

“A very very interesting course.  Lots of food for thought and learning to take forwards.”

“Excited about integrating learning and skills acquired into the work situation.”

“Videos were valuable and great clinical discussion evolved and supported by tutors.”

“A very informative and interesting course.  I look forward to putting into practice what I have learned.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the four days.”

“Example of clinical experience helped link theory to practice.”

“Good use of practical group discussions to apply learning.”

“Good use of demonstrations/active teaching to help us remember.”

“Well-presented and great variety of activities.”

I attended your paediatric dysphagia training.  It was fantastic and I have used the Jays and the fantastic information ever since. What stood out the most was the ability to make a hypothesis , emphasising the SLTs skills and knowledge in this area. I found as a clinician in health the assessment really helped especially in the community, it made my notes and report writing so much easier and well structured.

96% of the delegates rated the training venue’s hospitality as very good or excellent.