Delegates will require regular access to supervision during the work based learning aspect of this course.

It is an expectation of the course that supervisors will be working as specialists in the field of dysphagia and as such be working within the competencies as outlined in the inter professional dysphagia framework.

The amount and nature of supervision will depend upon a number of factors and for that reason we do not specify a number of hours required.

The role of the supervisor is to support, enable and facilitate the development of the delegate into an independent and competent dysphagia therapist.

Supervisors will be responsible for confirming the delegate’s competence in the elements on the self directed learning programme.

At the end of the period of work based learning the supervisor will be required to complete a supervisor’s questionnaire. This enables the supervisor to give their professional opinion as to the delegates’ competence and readiness for independent practice in dysphagia.