What to expect

Many people are unsure what to expect when they bring their child to see our speech and language therapist.

  • Will my child speak during the session?
  • Does the therapist have experience with the kind of problems my children has?
  • How long will the session last?
  • What happens after the session?

All of our therapists are experienced specialists working with children with a variety of difficulties. Some of our therapists have particular interests and specialities and we will talk to you about your concerns so that we can match up your needs to the right therapist. Our therapists are very used to meeting children who are shy and unwilling to talk to new people. They will make sure that the session is relaxed and non pressured for your child. We will use games and techniques to engage your child. We will gather information from you and make sure that your child has an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do as well as what they are finding difficult.

The initial session will last between 45 minutes and an hour. We will use a range of formal and informal methods to assess your child depending on the needs of your child.

At the end of the session we will discuss with you our findings and recommendations. We will then write a  short report outlining our findings and recommendations.